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Linda Canfield (Sublett)

Linda Canfield (Sublett)

Linda passed away on Thursday, February 23, 2012 in Fowler, Colorado.  She was the daughter of Moses and Mary Waines of Hinckley, Ohio. Linda is recently of Arvada, Colorado.  She leaves behind 1 daughter, Laura (Charlie) Keith and 2 sons, Robert (Dana) Sublett and Kurt (Lynette) Sublett; and many grandchildren and great grandchildren.  A memorial service is to be held on Friday, March 2, 2012 at 1 pm at the Highland Baptist Church in Boone. 

Below was written by Linda's daughter- 

Thursday, February 23, 2012, my mother, Linda Sublett was taken from this life in a selfish act of road rage. Gods hand made it immediate for her so she did not suffer. This is a woman who lived for her kids and grandkids. She always wished and hoped that all the trials and tribulations would pave the way to happiness and hope. She was a person who not only listened to you and also heard what you were saying when so many people listen only enough to wait to be able to speak. She believed in people when no one else did.

She built her retirement home to her specifications in a location she picked out.  In the past two years her pride and joy was making her dream house come to life with her taste and vision. She took pride in learning to be "green" and had infact the day before the accident had been outside all day digging holes under her down spouts to place her rain barrels so that she could water with collected water. 

When she first moved down to the ranch she was on many medications, had arthritis and was not moving too well, and within 6 months had gotten so healthy from eating organic and getting exercise that she was no longer on any medications.  She participated in life at the ranch and was an active participant in Friday night family dinners and holiday functions.

And even though she had some very long distance family and friends that she was not always in contact with, she thought and spoke of them constantly.

The day of her passing she was very happy. She had taken her granddaughter-in-law and her great-grand- children to town to shop for her son-in-laws birthday gift. They had shopped and had lunch just before the accident happened. She was happy in her last moments and we all need to remember that.

Her wish was for cremetion, She did not want anyone to "have to come" and visit her. She wanted everyone to take a little bit of her ashes and rub them in theiir lawn or favorite spot, so that she could be watching over them all the time. She just wanted to have good memories remembered about her. So please if you have a special memory or picture of her please share.

 If one thing this senseless act should make us all realize is that no matter how much our loved ones make us crazy, always tell them you love them. Always take the time to put them first. Money, fame and forture will come and go, but in a flash a life can be totally changed or lost and then you will live with regret forever.

God's hands cradle my mother now.  She is looking down on us and will be watching as we move thru what we think of mundane lives, but no matter how mundane, they are lives.  So please take a minute to reflect upon your memory of her and smile.  She is smiling down on all of us.  When you feel a breeze blow your hair, she is reaching out to touch you and let you know an angel is watching.

God bless her and all of you  -  Laura Keith

  This picture was taken at our 40th Class Reunion - September 9, 2000
   Merrily (Drillien) Neff, Linda (Canfield) Sublett, Ellen (Gettemy) Savage

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