July 29, 2017  -  Class of 1960  -  75th Birthday Party 

FRONT ROW:   Doris (Mong) Kahl, Sandy (Spurrier) Kuhm, Faye (Grindle) Curtis, Larry Brandel
MIDDLE ROW: Nancy (Winter) Bedillion, Lenore (Yunker) Kopacka, Judy (Pay) Whyde, Janet (Bartel)
                        Maracz, Dianne (Green) Sobczyk, Dave Galbraith, Carol (Winter) Lowe, Dottie
                        (Sobczyk) Wilson
BACK ROW:     Harold Sims, Jim McClure, Ellen (Gettemy) Savage, Becky (Kuder) Galla, Joann(Lucas) 
                        Dimond, Bob Bruning, Geoerge Sobczyk, Merriily (Drillien) Neff, Nancy (Grindle)
                        Bodnar, Jim Thompson, Carolyn (Mihalik) Hathaway

                           Jim McClure                                                         Lenore (Yunker) Kopacka

BACK ROW:  Janet(Bartel) Maracz, Sherri Burton, Nancy (Winter) Bedillion, Carol (Winter) Lowe
FRONT ROW: Kathie Thompson, Doris (Mong) Kahl, Carolyn (Mihalik) Hathaway

Walter Sobczyk, Holly Bergstrom, Dottie (Sobczyk) Wilson,
Dianne (Green) Sobczyk




                                                     Janice and Harold Sims


George Sobczyk     

Larry Brandel

Sandy (Spurrier) Kuhm, Jim Thompson, JoAnn (Lucas) Dimond

Carolyn (Mihalik) Hathaway, Mersrily (Drillien) Neff, Ellie Snyder

Faye (Grindle) and Dale Curtis

Dottie (Sobczyk) Wilson, Sandy (Spurrier). Kuhm, Janet (Bartel) Maracz

Ellen (Gettemy) Savage, Nancy (Grindle) Bodnar, Bob Bruning

Jack and Judy (Pay) Whyde

                                                                                    Dave Galbraith

Merrily (Drillien) Neff.    Becky (Kuder) Galla

August 21-22, 2015 - Class of 1960 - 55th Class Reunion


Back Row: Bob Blazak, Becky (Kuder) Galla, Carolyn (Mihalik) Hathaway,
Merrily (Drillien) Neff, Jim Thompson, Larry Brandel, Bob Bruning

Middle Row: Shirley (Sommers) Evans, Doris (Mong) Kahl, Ellen (Gettemy) Savage,
Leonore (Yuncker) Kopacka, George Sobczyk, Nancy (Grindle) Bodnar,
Judy (Pay) Whyde, Dave Galbraith

Front Row:  Joann (Lucas) Dimond, Janet (Bartel) Maracz, Dottie (Sobczyk) Wilson
Faye (Grindle) Curtis

Joann (Lucas) Dimond, Becky (Kuder) Galla,
Janet (Bartel) Maracz, Dottie (Sobczyk) Wilson

Shirley (Sommers) Evans - Faye (Grindle) Curtis

Lenore (Yuncker) Kopacka - Dave Galbraith

   Bob Blazak   

 Carolyn (Mihalik) Hathaway - Merrily(Drillien) Neff    

Judy (Pay) Whyde - Becky (Kuder) Galla

Ellen (Gettemy) Savage - George Sobczyk

Jim Thompson - Dottie (Sobczyk) Wilson


Rustic Hills Country Club
August 22, 2015

Display Table - Remembring those classmates that are no longer with us.

Carolyn (Mihalik) Hathaway - Nancy (Grindle) Bodnar

Mr. Gienke - Doris (Mong) Kahl

Kathy (Golden) Liebenguth, Holly Bergstrom, Joann (Lucas) Dimond

Vivian Shanafelt  -  Larry Brandel

Bob Bruning, Doris (Mong) Kahl, Jim Thompson

Becky (Kuder) Galla - Nancy (Grindle) Bodnar

Jim and Kathie Thompson - Nancy (Winter) Bedillion

Lenore (Yuncker) Kopacka, Dianne (Green) and Walter Sobczyk

Merrily (Drillien) Neff, Carolyn (Mihalik) Hathaway, Sherri Burton

Janet (Bartel) Maracz - Joann (Lucas) Dimond

Dottie (Sobczyk) Wilson , George Sobczyk, Ellie Snyder

Front Row:  Becky (Lee) Kratzer, Dottie (Sobczyk) Wilson, Dianne (Green) Sobczyk,
Faye (Grindle) Curtis, Nancy (Grindle) Bodnar

Middle Row: Carolyn (Mihalik) Hathaway, Janet (Bartel) Maracz, George Sobczyk,
Shirley (Sommers) Evans, Nancy (Winter) Bedillion, Doris (Mong) Kahl, Judy (Pay) Whyde,
Ellen (Gettemy) Savage, Lenore (Yuncker) Kopacka

Back Row: Merrily (Drillien) Neff, Jim Thompson, Vivian Shanafelt, Larry Brandel,
Joann (Lucas) Dimond, Bob Bruning, Kathy (Golden) Liebenguth, Becky (Kuder) Galla


August 17, 2014 - Class of 1960 Picnic - 54th Class Reunion

Dottie (Sobczyk) Wilson, Doris (Mong) Kahl, Mr. Gienke, Janet (Bartel) Maracz,
Larry Brandel, Dianne (Green) Sobczyk

2nd Row: Merrily (Drillien) Neff, Harold Sims, Judy (Pay) Whyde, George Sobczyk,
Nancy (Winter) Bedillion, Ellen (Gettemy) Savage, Carol (Winter) Lowe, Faye (Grindle) Curtis

Back Row: Carolyn (Mihalik) Hathaway, Jim Thompson, Vivian Shanafelt, Becky (Kuder) Galla,
Roger Pries

Holly Bergstrom, Doris (Mong) Kahl, Walt & Dianne (Green) Sobczyk

George Sobczyk, Becky (Kuder) Galla, Roger Pries

Roy & Mary Gienke

Harold Sims and Carol (Winter) Lowe

Faye (Curtis) Grindle, Holly Bergstrom, Sherri Burton

Dwight and Merrily (Drillien) Neff

Ellen (Gettemy) and Bill Savage

Carolyn (Mihalik) Hathaway, George and Ellie Sobczyk

Jim and Kathie Thompson

Judy (Pay) Whyde and Carol (Winter) Lowe

Larry and Greg Brandel

Vivian and Ruth Shanafelt

Nancy (Winter) Bedillion and Doris (Mong) Kahl

Lynda Blake and Jim Thompson

Janet (Bartel) Maracz and Kathy (Golden) Liebenguth

Dottie (Sobczyk) Wilson and Faye (Grindle) Curtis

July 22, 2012 - Class of 1960 Picnic
70th Birthday Party

 Becky (Kuder) Galla, Dan Winland, Don Stuver

 Bob and Sue Fickes

 Carol (Winter) Lowe, Nancy (Grindle) Bodnar, Judy (Pay) Whyde

 Left to Right:      Ruth and Vivian Shanafelt,    Jim and Kathie Thompson,  
     Ellen (Gettemy) and Bill Savage,  Nancy (Grindle) Bodnar,  Bob and Doris (Mong) Kahl


 Left to Right:  Gary Burton, Bob and Emily (Robinson) Weger, Don Stuver, Sherri Burton

 Left to Right:   Dianne (Green) and Walt Sobczyk, George Sobczyk, Dottie (Sobczyk) Wilson,  Carolyn (Mihalik) Hathaway, Merrily (Drillien) and Dwight Neff, Carol (Winter) Lowe, Marcia Lucas, JoAnn (Lucas) Dimond, Judy (Lucas) Ward

 Ellen (Gettemy) and Bill Savage, Carolyn (Mihalik) Hathaway


 Emily (Robinson) and Bob Weger

Harold Sims,  Bob Fickes, Dan Winland

 Judy (Lucas) Ward, Dianne (Green) Sobczyk,
JoAnn (Lucas) Dimond, Merrily (Drillien) Neff

 Kathie Thompson and Marcia Lucas

 Mr. Gienke

 Dan and Connie Winland, Dottie (Sobczyk) Wilson


Kneeling:  Vivian Shanafelt, Dottie (Sobczyk) Wilson, Judy (Pay) Whyde, George Sobczyk

Row 2:       Don Stuver, Nancy (Grindle) Bodnar, Carolyn (Mihalik) Hathaway, Mr., Gienke, Dianne (Green) Sobczyk, Ellen (Gettemy) Savage, Judy (Lucas) Ward, Carol (Winter) Lowe,
Emily (Robinson) Weger, Gary Burton, Doris (Mong) Kahl, Bob Fickes

Row 3:       Dan Winland, Harold Sims, Jim Thompson, JoAnn (Lucas) Dimond,
Merrily (Drillien) Neff

Missing:    Becky (Kuder) Galla

Linda Pamer Linton Farewell Party
June 25, 2012

Front Row:  Doris (Mong) Kahl, Norma (Olsen) Barone, Lenore (Yuncker) Kopacka, Dottie (Sobczyk) Wilson, Judy (Pay) Whyde, Janet (Bartel) Maracz 

Second Row:  Don Stuver, Faye (Grindle) Curtis, Nancy (Grindle) Bodnar, Wes Linton, Linda (Pamer) Linton, Merrily (Drillien) Neff, Dwight Neff, Becky (Kuder) Galla, Jack Whyde, Gary Burton, Sherri Burton

Sherri and Gary Burton, Don Stuver, Becky (Kuder) Galla 

Dottie (Sobczyk) Wilson, Janet (Bartel) Maracz, Doris (Mong) Kahl, Lenore (Yuncker) Kopacka                                       

Faye (Grindle) Curtis and Norma (Olsen) Barone

Wes & Linda (Pamer) Linton and Judy (Pay) & Jack Whyde

Nancy (Grindle) Bodnar, Judy (Pay) Whyde, Linda (Pamer) Linton

Lynda Blake visits Ohio
June 1, 2012

Dale and Faye (Grindle) Curtis

Jim and Kathie Thompson

Barbara (Khoenle), Roberta (Khoenle), Jack Buettner

 Lynda Blake and Mr. Gienke


Linda Daulbaugh Sayre Farewell Party
April 25, 2012

Becky (Kuder) Galla and Don Stuver 
Jim and Kathie Thompson
 Lenore (Yuncker) Kopacka and Linda (Daulbaugh) Sayre
 Ellen (Gettemy) and Bill Savage
 Nancy (Grindle) Bodnar and Faye (Grindle) Curtis
Dwight and Merrily (Drillien) Neff,  Gary and Sherri Burton

August 20, 2011 - Class of 1960 Picnic
Sharon Park - Sharon Center, Ohio

FRONT ROW:  Judy Pay Whyde, Lenore Yuncker Kopacka, Faye Grindle Curtis, Becky Kuder Galla, Roy Gienke, Doris Mong Kahl                                                                                             
SECOND ROW:  Vivian Shanafelt, Merrily Drillien Neff, Nancy Grindle Bodnar, Harold Sims,
Jim Thompson, Don Stuver, John Zapotoczky, Dave Galbraith, Gary Burton  


Don Stuver and Mr. Gienke 

Faye Grindle Curtis, Doris Mong Kahl, Sherri Burton, Becky Kuder Galla, Gary Burton

Jack Whyde, Harold & Janice Sims, Don Stuver, Gary & Sherri Burton, Lenore Yuncker Kopacka 

Just visiting and waiting to eat -  to front of picture is John Zapotoczky

    Alumni Night - October 16, 2009
Honoring the Class of 1960


FRONT ROW:  Gary Burton, Roger Pries, Nancy Winter, Vivian Shanafelt, John Zapotoczky, Mike Galbraith (1962 foot ball team), John Girman (1959 football team), Dottie Sobczyk

BACK ROW:   Don Stuver, LInda Daulbaugh, Judy Pay, Merrily Drillien, Ellen Gettemy, Harold Sims, Faye Grindle, Nancy Grindle, Jim Thompson, Carol Winter, Dave Galbraith, Becky Kuder, Carolyn Mihalik, Doris Mong, Linda Pamer, Emiy Robinson, Sandy Spurrier, George Sobczyk


Don and Gary



Faye and Ellen

Gary and Becky


Jim, Dave, JoAnn

Linda, Merrily, Carolyn, Judy


Nancy, Carol, Linda


Sandy, Jim, Emily

Sandy, Zeke, Jim

Vivian and Harold



Get Together with Larry Copperman
June, 2008

ROW 1: Dianne Green, Linda Daulbaugh
ROW 2: Becky Kuder, Larry and Joann Copperman, Lenore Yuncker,
Judy Pay, John Zapotoczky, George Sobczyk, Faye Grindle,
Ellen Gettemy, Gary Burton



Get Together with Bob Blazak
September, 2007

ROW 1: Dottie Sobczyk, Janet Bartel
ROW 2:  Linda Daulbaugh, Ellen Gettemy, Lenore Yuncker, George Sobczyk
ROW 3: Becky Kuder, Judy Pay, Sally Kuder, Dianne Green
ROW 4: Bob Blazak. Jim Thompson

45th Class Reunion - August 13, 2005

Gary Burton, Jerry Fox, John Zapotoczky

Jim Thompson, Don Stuver, Judy Pay, John Boynton

Faye Grindle, Nancy Grindle, Becky Kuder, Linda Pamer

Gary Burton and Dottie Sobczyk

Jerry Lucas and Joann (Lucas) Dimond

 60th Birthday Party - July 29, 2002

FRONT ROW:  Linda Pamer, Faye Grindle, Judy Pay, Dianne Green, Kathy Golden, Carol Lowe
2ND ROW:  Emily Robinson, Nancy Grindle, Gary Burton, Linda Daulbaugh
3RD ROW:  George Sobczyk, Jack Buettner, Edie Snyder, Russ Ranftl, John Zapotoczky,
Judy Weger, Jim Thompson, Merrily Drillien

Kathy (Golden) Liebenguth - Dianne (Green) Sobczyk

Judy (Pay) Whyde, Linda (Daulbaugh) Sayre, Emily (Robinson) Weger,
Edith (Snyder) Steffek, Linday (Pamer) Linton, Faye (Grindle) Curtis

Jim Thompson, George Sobczyk, Zeke Zapotoczky
Gary Burton, Don Stuver, Jack Buettner, Russ Ranftl


40th Class Reunion - September 9, 2000

Linda Canfield, Faye Grindle, Becky Kuder, Don Stuver, Janet Bartel
MIDDLE ROW: Dottie Sobczyk, Merrilly Drillien, George Sobczyk,  Nancy Grindle, Judy Schneider, Lenore Yunker, Dianne Green, Ellen Gettemy, Judy Pay,  Linda Pamer, Judy Weger 

BACK ROW: Edith Snyder, Chuck Raw, Dan Winland, Harold Sims, Bob Blazak,
John Zapotoczky, Gary Burton

Faye Grindle, Nancy Grindle, Linda Canfield, Merrily Drillien, Linda Pamer, Judy Pay

Dan and Connie Winland

Edith Snyder and John Zapotoczky

Merrily Drillien, Linda Canfield and Ellen Gettemy

36th Class Reunion - July 13, 1996

Chuck and Sue Raw

Becky Lee and husband Larry

Gary Burton and Harold Sims

Bob Bruning, Lynda Blake and Carol Winter

Dottie Sobczyk Dennis Selzer and Judy Schneider Selzer

Nancy Winter, Carol Winter, Janet Bartel, Linda Daulbaugh

Jack Buettner and Bob Bruning

Kathie and Jim Thompson

Bob Blazak, Judy Pay and Mr. Gienke

Bob Bruning, Edith Snyder, Becky Kuder, Faye Grindle, Gary Burton
Edith Snyder, Becky Kuder, Nancy Grindle, Janet Bartel

30th Class Reunion - June 23, 1990

ROW 1:  Dennis Alber, Nancy Wheeler, Faye Grindle
ROW 2:  Emily Robinson, Janet Bartel, Mr. Chaffee, Mr. Vermilion, Mr. Gienke, Judy Schneider
ROW 3:  Judy Pay, Carol Winter, Becky Kuder, Norma Olsen, Sally Kuder, Nancy Grindle,
Karen Ruckel, Russ Stiles

ROW 4:  John Zapotoczky, Jerry Kalmeyer, Ellen Gettemy, Gary Burton, Harold Sims, Edie Snyder, Jim Thompson, Bob Bruning, John Boynton

Mr. Vermillion, Mrs. Chaffee, Mr. Chaffee, Mr. Gienke

Karen Ruckel and Faye Grindle

Becky Kuder, Sally Kuder and Ellen Gettemy

Dennis Alber, Janet Bartel, Emily Robinson, Judy Pay

Edith Snyder, Bob Bruning and Karen Ruckel


25th Class Reunion - July 13,1985

Dan Winland, Janet Bartel, Bob Blazak

Dan and Holly Bergstrom

Jerry Fox and Lenore Yunker

Bob Bruning, Lynda Blake, Linda Daulbaugh
Norma Olsen, Faye Grindle, Nancy Grindle

Judy Weger, Richard Finding, Jim McClure

Larry Copperman, Ralph Sublett, Linda Canfield

Carol Winter and Nancy Wheeler

Ralph Sublett, Bill Gray, Gary Burton

Jim McCure, Danny Bergstrom, Bob Bruning, Ellen Gettemy

Janet Bartel and Jack Buettner

25th Class Reunion Picnic at Nancy Winter's home
Larry Copperman, Bill Gray, Danny Bergstrom 

25th Class Reunion Picnic at Nancy Winter's home
Ralph Sublett, Richard Finding, Danny Bergstrom, Bob Sublett, Bill Gray

20th Class Reunion - June 28, 1980

Edith Snyder, Carole Klein and Linda Daulbaugh

Larry Brandel, Donald Vanke, Nancy Esterle

Russ Ranftl, Larry Copperman, Jack Buettner

Dennis Alber, Bob Bruning, John Boynton

Bill Hathaway, Carolyn Mihalik, Bill Miller, Dave Galbraith

Wayne Cadnum, Harold Sims, Judy Pay, Lynda Blake, Sandy Spurrier

Dianne Green, Dottie Sobczcyk, Judy Schneider

15th Class Reunion - July 5, 1975

Location Hilton Inn West in Akron, OH

Do you have any pictures from this reunion????